Sesamers on Tour: Australia Recap

Tara Johnson
Tara Johnson
Sesamers on Tour: Australia Recap

On May 18th, we collaborated with Pause Fest to learn about the Tech ecosystem in Australia. Keep reading to see the full video and program highlights.

The Program: Tech ecosystem down under

Session Information

In this diverse session with speakers from various industries and locations (Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane) we dove into the Australian tech ecosystem and how it grew over the past years, but most importantly you’ll be able to find out who are the startup beacons and why you should invest in them. You’ll also be able to pick up useful intel about each city’s community infrastructure, support orgs and hubs. See all speaker information here.

  • Kate Eriksson, Chief Program Officer at YBF Ventures
  • Richard Celm, Exec Program Director at SBC Australia
  • Kaylene Langford, Founder at Startup Creative
  • Chad Renando, CEO at Startup Status and Managing Director at Global Entrepreneurship Network - Australia
  • Alan Jones, General Partner at M8 Ventures

Thank you to our session partner Pause Fest and overall event partner La French Tech.

Interested in joining a future session? Register here for the remaining stops for Sesamers on Tour.

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