Sesamers on Tour: Russia, Ukraine and Belarus Recap

Tara Johnson
Tara Johnson
Sesamers on Tour: Russia, Ukraine and Belarus Recap

On May 11th, we collaborated with EMERGE Conference to learn about the Tech ecosystem in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Keep reading to see the full video and program highlights.

Learn about the general happenings of the CIS region. Presented by ecosystem expert and co-Founder of EMERGE Alina Nilsson, this session looked at three countries and how they are growing their Tech ecosystems.

See the full program of the session here.

1:20 Meet the Speakers

Learn about the speakers and their role in their Tech ecosystem.

14:12 Debunking regional stereotypes

Highlights of what is happening in each ecosystem.

23:40 The influence of politics

Not getting into a political debate, the speakers discuss how founders are influenced by regional politics and can influence global perceptions.

35:45 Establishing business in local v. going global

Hear from founder, Alexandra Gerasimova about why FITMOST has stayed in the wellness market in Russia.

40:36 Debunking the "underdeveloped" Tech & VC funding myth

Experience funding and fundraising in Eastern European Tech centres.

48:57 Tech patterns?

Specific industries or technologies per country? Any patterns? Skyrocketing?

53:05 Vision for the region + Conclusion

Which industries? What direction? Working together to support and develop this region on the global stage.


Thank you so much to our partner EMERGE and La French Tech for their involvement in Sesamers on Tour.

Who is EMERGE?

EMERGE is the global tech product conference, where entrepreneurs, tech talent, investors, and scientists get together to create the future we want to live in. It's a 360° cross-industry approach to product development, scaling, and growth. Held in up-and-coming innovation hubs, we spotlight the tech underdogs.

Who is La French Tech Moscou?

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