Sesamers on Tour: Estonia Recap

Tara Johnson
Tara Johnson
Sesamers on Tour: Estonia Recap

On April 27th, we collaborated with Latitude59 to learn about the Tech ecosystem in Estonia. Keep reading to see the full video and program highlights.

Meet Estonia, the land of unicorns. In collaboration with Latitude59, this session of Sesamers on Tour took a deep dive into the Estonian Tech ecosystem.

See the full program of the session here.

1:40 Deep dive into the Estonian startup ecosystem

How Estonia defines startups. Estonian startup scene in numbers. Investment happenings in Estonia.

5:37 Unicorns in Estonia

Seven unicorns exist with Estonian founders giving Estonia the title of global top Unicorns per capita.

10:47 Big numbers in Estonia

There are approximately 140 different organizations that support over 1,100 startups in various phases.

13:38 Estonia Startup Visa

Over 4 years, over 2,800 have relocated to Estonia on their special visa.

15:08 Masterclass: Startup journey into the land of unicorns.

Watch this session in collaboration with Invest Estonia and EstVCA to learn the steps of a startups journey in Estonia.

18:54 Government Innovation

Hear about Marten's vision to build a government that supports Estonian startups.

  • Marten Kaevats, National Digital Advisor

25:45 Conversation with Unicorn co-founder

31:05 Making the move to Estonia

Hear from Michael at Clarifai - an American company that has recently expanded to Estonia.

  • Michael Noonan, Vice President of Operations at Clarifai

37:14 Is Estonia a honey post for investments?

What is the Estonian VC market like?

  • Margus Uudam, Chairman of EstVCA and founding partner at Karma Ventures

42:20 Latitude59 and sTARTUpday in conversation

What are the future plans for the two largest Tech events in Estonia?

43:26 Latitude59

Latitude59 is the flagship startup and tech event of e-Estonia - the world’s first digital society. Join them in Tallinn on May 18-19, 2022!

44:22 sTARTUpday

sTARTUp Day is bringing together startup-minded people to celebrate entrepreneurship in the smart city of Tartu & online. Happening August 25-27, 2021, you can register for it here.


Who is Latitude59?

Startup conferences are about speeches, pitches and wooing investors. The big ones, they’re the cruise ships of seafaring. Latitude59 is a lovely yacht without the crowds. Only people who really matter. Learn more here.

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