Sesamers on Tour: Israel

Tara Johnson
Tara Johnson
Sesamers on Tour: Israel

Announcing Sesamers on Tour Stop #2: Israel on April 20th in collaboration with Israel Innovation Institute.

Our second stop on the tour will be hosted in collaboration with the Israel Innovation Institute and its various subgroups.

Join us during the afternoon of Tuesday, April 20th to learn about Israel as an Innovation center for global challenges.


Moderated by Tal Biran of the Israel Innovation Institute, each speaker will do a 10 min pitch on their ecosystem, approaches, trends in innovation, implementation methods and more.

Smart Mobility Community

  • Eviatar Tron, EcoMotion

Digital Health Community

Challenge-driven ecosystem for fostering healthcare innovation.

  • Yoav Fisher, HealthIL

Climate Change Technologies

  • Uriel Klar, PLANETech

Climate Technologies Community

  • Sinai Gohar Barak, DeserTech

Agri. Culture. Community

  • Shiran Mostovoy, GrowingIL

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