Dragana Vukasinovic

Tess Lawrence
Tess Lawrence
Dragana Vukasinovic

On this episode, we sit down with Dr. Dragana Vukasinovic, Founder and CEO at Fauna Smart Technologies, during Slush 2022 to get her insights and hot takes on everything from plant immunity to the 4th agricultural revolution.


  • Dragana was a finalist last year, in the annual digital Summit in Valencia.
  • Beyond social media, it's extremely important to be physically present within the ecosystem at events like Slush.
  • Fauna Smart Technologies is using different technologies in a smart way to empower fauna, biodiversity, and genetic diversity.
  • Consisting of a team of 12 people, 8 of them having PHDs, they are focused on inspiring the new wave of scientists to make a difference with experimental design.
  • They use complex innovation systems within three different projects and will become a venture-building company.
  • Using satellite imagery, they go to a certain level within the ecosystem, followed by other specialized tech, furthering a deeper analysis.
  • Being able to translate the findings is what creates an ecosystem for entrepreneurial scientists going into the future of the field.
  • By creating a best-risk map through satellite imagery, they can inform farmers of where in the field they need to do what for crop protection.
  • Over 10.5 million farmers are transitioning to a new line of products and removing chemical pesticides in favor of biological ones.
  • Next year they expect to have a minimum marketable product with a plant immunity tracker.
  • In the future, we will not have big labs that are consuming a lot of reagents.
  • Tech companies don't go out and talk with farmers because they don't know how to, and that's normal. There needs to be a translation.
  • Even in her bachelor's and previous research, Dragana was already out there talking to the farmers and learning this translation.
  • We are right now in a 4th agricultural revolution with life sciences that will exactly break and make a new world.

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