James Vincent

Tess Lawrence
Tess Lawrence
James Vincent

For over a decade, James worked alongside Steve Jobs building Apple’s narrative for ground-breaking products. Now as Founding Partner and CEO of FNDR, our CEO Ben had the chance to meet with him at Slush 2022 and get the inside scoop on his conference experience & the future of tech.


  • You don't sell, you create the environment for people to buy.
  • When something very new comes along, you have to go through phases of a shock absorber, a bridge, and a springboard.
  • We work with many French Founders like Nicolas Julia at Sorare, a company focused on NFT-backed football collector's cards.
  • Look at Steve Jobs' keynote speech for the iPad here. There's so much to learn from that about introducing the new with the familiar.
  • Check out James Vincent's podcast "Fast Company", and his episode with Brian Chesky from Airbnb here.
  • Our equity is storytelling, so it's not just money. It's money with a point of view. Check out Fndr's new VC fund announced at Slush here!
  • If you're a great founder and you want a great story, come to Fndr.

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💛 Shoutout to Dan Taylor for his contribution to this podcast.

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