Splashing through Slush

Suzanne Newman
Suzanne Newman
Splashing through Slush

Hear what Miika Huttunen, CEO of Slush, is most looking forward to during this year's main event and how his team is planning to keep the energy going long after the event is over!

There’s a lot of buzz about this year’s new and improved Matchmaking Tool. How is this new version going to make networking easier / more relevant?

Glad to hear there is buzz around it. To be fair, most of the work is done in the backend that helps us to build it forward in the future. It’s now faster and better optimized for mobile. However, the most visible improvements for this year have been adding a proper chat function and making the UI more intuitive for use.

📷 Jussi Hellsten

What connection does Node by Slush have to the main event in Helsinki?

Node by Slush is an online platform that gives you access to all the resources you need on your founder journey. We have arranged close to hundred Node sessions in the past 12 months. I see Node integrating to Slush products seamlessly. Through Node we can help founders every month online. The data and learnings will be used to build even better Slush offline experiences. This creates a positive loop that will only accelerate once we get more users. And above all, the Node community has a chance to meet later at the event. In fact, many of the most active Node users are looking to meet offline at Slush 2021.

📷 Kai Kuusisto

What should investors be the most excited about at this year’s event?

This year’s event is the most relevant Slush ever made for investors. We have the same capacity as back in Slush 2013 but the amount of investors has increased six times. These investors are managing +300B$ of assets. The proportion of startups and investors of all visitors is over 60%. The density of relevant people for investors is incredibly high.

📷 Dan Taylor

One of Slush's best-kept secrets is its mentoring program. How is this program providing value to attendees?

All of our speakers dedicate one hour for mentoring. To this day, it’s a unique opportunity for early-stage entrepreneurs. Not everyday you will get mentoring that’s brutally honest; tangible advice delivered by the people behind some of the most iconic tech companies of our time.

📷 Dan Taylor

Since you’ve already sold all 8K tickets to Slush 2021, the only alternative for visitors will be to navigate their way through the maze of side events happening in parallel throughout Helsinki. Which side events are you most looking forward to this year?

Many of them, from dinners, industry events and parties. As a gamer, I might have to pick the Future of Gaming.

📷 Dan Taylor

Once the main event is over, how are you planning to sustain the Slush community throughout the year?

By continuing what we have always done: being ruthlessly focused on founders and building products that create and help founders to change the world. In more concrete terms, it means meeting people, improving and continuing Node and Soaked and continuing to build incredible offline experiences.

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