START Summit 2023

Sanaa Bencheikh
Sanaa Bencheikh
START Summit 2023

START Summit 2023 is a student-run conference for entrepreneurship and technology. No wonder it takes place in St. Gallen, home to one of the best business schools in Europe.

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Reaching for Resilience will be the theme of the START Summit 2023. Attendees will gain vital insights and tactics for becoming more resilient in their personal and professional life, allowing them to better handle obstacles and recover from adversity. START Summit 2023 is likely to be both instructive and motivating, whether you are an entrepreneur, a company leader, or simply someone trying to expand their knowledge. Furthermore, the event will approach the different issues from three perspectives: welcome failure, create resilience, and daring to START again.


Founders: 600+
Investors: 400+
Students: 1,500+

Key topics:

  • Connect with more than 400 VCs and business angels to secure funding and bring your business to the next level.
  • Get in touch with Europe‘s most relevant corporates, investors, startups and young talents through our virtual networking formats.
  • Promote your personal and professional development by taking part in our exclusive masterclasses and workshops held by industry experts.
  • Present your company in front of over 1500 bright minds from the worlds most renown business and tech universities and source new talents for your team.

Practical Information

Date: March 23-24, 2023
‌‌‌HQ: St. Gallen, Switzerland
‌‌‌Language: English


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