Step Anywhere 2021

Tara Johnson
Tara Johnson
Step Anywhere 2021

We sat down to chat with the organizers of Step Conference 2021 to learn about their upcoming event, happening March 29-31 2021.

Step Anywhere's stand out feature is its ability to take all the jazz of a physical entrepreneurship event - all online! From live speaker sessions, startup pitches to exhibitions booths and investor meetings, the event is chock-full of opportunities. Keep reading to learn more about why you should attend this featured event...

Can you share a bit of background with us about how this event came to be?

Step started out as a series of workshops and small gatherings, and over 9 years has grown to become the largest tech festival in Dubai.

Step Anywhere brings together a global audience of startups, investors, digital enthusiasts, brands, and more, over 3 days online. Step Anywhere’s first edition in 2020 featured 6 tracks of live talks and panels, workshops, various startup programming, exhibition and showcasing opportunities, and live entertainment, had over 150 startups participation with over 1500 global attendees.

What makes your event special?

Attendees who are still looking to learn about growing a business can benefit immensely from the educational and experiential content that's hosted by our speakers from around the world. Startups looking to expand their business can host 1-1 sessions with a multitude of investors and mentors to choose from and make the best out of their in this online event. Live entertainment has also been a part of our events to cleanse the viewer's palette before joining the next working session. Everything put, its an amazing opportunity to connect and grow your entrepreneurial network!

What speaker are you most excited about and why?

We are excited about Emily Oberman, who will be joining us from New York, and is a Partner at Pentagram Design. She has an attractive list of industry leading clients and will have some great insights to share with us all!

See the full list of speakers here.

Why do you think Startups would benefit from your event?

Startups around the world and in the region, can attend the conference from anywhere. They just need a wifi and a smart device to hop on to access multiple hours of mentorship and 1-1 sessions with investors. The pricing for the tickets are affordable and the startup basecamp allows them to network more widely as compared to a physical event, alongside receiving valuable insights from global entrepreneurs.

Why do you think Investors would benefit from your event?

Just as startups get to meet a lot of investors joining the event online, the investors can enter various rooms where startups are pitching to the public and take interest in engaging in conversations with the startups. Investors also benefit from the wide exposure of entrepreneurs that Step brings in to all of their events.

Could you tell us more about your programs?

Step holds multiple conferences a year and is looking to continue doing so and possibly expand its content to our new audiences. The Step Conference is a physical conference in Dubai and the flagship event of Step which brings the world to Dubai. Step Anywhere is a fully online edition of the conference and features multiple tracks of live talks, startup programming, exhibition and more. Step Saudi is home to Saudi's growing entrepreneurial community and hosts 100+ startups with audiences over 1500+ every event. Our programs are diverse and global, and full of engaging content and growth opportunities entrepreneurs look out for.

Can you tell us about the format of this event?

  • Hosted live using an advanced online platform that offers multiple options for the attendees to engage with the activities in the agenda.
  • Attendees can tune into round table meetings between investors and startup founders, to catching a live musical session, and entering into different rooms of their choice and schedule for what interests them the most.
  • Renowned speakers and established startup founders will be sharing their growth experiences and spark conversations with the investors and viewers.
See the full agenda here.  

Any partners or special thanks you would like mentioned in the article?

We'd like to thank our startup ecosystem, media and business partners, speakers, startups and investors & mentors network who help us deliver a holistic engaging conference for all!

Register now for Step Anywhere 2021 online.

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