Successful Bet for VivaTech 2022!

Benjamin Debusschere
Benjamin Debusschere
Successful Bet for VivaTech 2022!

The biggest European Tech event was back from June 15 to 18 after a fifth edition marked by Covid… and it was full of visitors and innovations! This year, the show focused in particular on Web 3, mobility and solutions aimed at promoting social inclusion.

As usual VivaTech attracted major international groups who competed in imagination for their booths. Google opted for greenery, LVMH bet on an entirely dark blue decor and the Binance cryptocurrency platform stood out with its wheel of fortune which allowed you to win sweaters, pens or even NFTs, these digital tokens traceable on the blockchain.

Google, LVMH and Binance @ VivaTech 2022

Several automotive giants such as Renault, Tesla or Audi, which now regularly skip motor shows, displayed themselves at VivaTech.

Tesla, Audi and Renault @ ViveTech 2022

Web3 (crypto, metaverse, blockchain, etc.), which is driving the tech world crazy and beyond, also floated in the air at VivaTech. For example, Meta offered to test a meeting - virtual of course - on Horizon Workrooms. A convincing experience connected in particular to the synchronization of the hands, which guarantees better immersion.

Among the virtual reality trainings of the startups Uptale or Reality Academy which immerse the wearer of a VR mask within an Amazon warehouse, one of the highlights was undoubtedly the surprise appearance, in hologram, of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Impressive, finally, this screen from the Dutch startup Dimenco which achieves the feat of displaying 3D content without having to wear special glasses.

President Volodymyr Zelensky @ VivaTech 2022

VivaTech is also the show that celebrates collaborations between startups (half of which come from abroad) and large groups. For all the major groups, VivaTech became an increasingly important showcase. Welcoming startups on their stands helped to forge links during the professional days whereas the general public day on Saturday was also an opportunity to show to the young generation that large companies also know how to innovate.

Looking forward the next edition of VivaTech - June 14-17, 2023 - here in Paris!

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