The Conference 2023

Sanaa Bencheikh
Sanaa Bencheikh
The Conference 2023

The Conference is a two-day gathering in Malmö, Sweden. A thousand curious minds from all over the world meet to delve into the promises and pitfalls of human-machine-nature-and-more relationships.

#AI #Architecture #Aerospace #Information #Innovation

Guided by weavers, builders, visionaries, caregivers, and creative leaders from across disciplines, they sift through complexity and make connections across their analog and digital worlds.

It's two days of porous space and entangled content, curated so that people connect and practices intersect. They want folks to walk away inspired to get in right relationship with their selves, each other, their technologies and the planet (and beyond!).          

Key Topics

Business opportunities:

They invite speakers from all over the world, representing a wide range of disciplines. On stage you can expect to find anything from brain scientists and activists to design experts, chefs and artists who will cover topics like AI, boredom, architecture and outer space. The experience is like going to your favorite arts museum, dinner at a professor's house, and a business retreat with your best friend, all wrapped up in a down-to-earth format.


The Conference-goers represent a wide range of industries and expertise. They’re a mix of communicators, creatives and executives with a common interest in systems, digital practices and how the world works—and how the world could work better.


There are product developers, architects, publishers, designers, culture workers, corporate and public executives, librarians, organisers, researchers and a whole lot more. The diversity of The Conference crowd is what makes for interesting conversations and exciting collaborations—with peers and peers-to-be, alike.

Practical Information

Date: August 29-30, 2023
‌‌‌‌‌HQ: Malmo, Sweden
‌‌‌Language: English

Registration (500€-1,000€)

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