Sam Eshrati

Sam Eshrati

This candid conversation with TechBBQ's COO and Chief Engagement Officer, Sam Eshrati, offers a deep dive into the world of TechBBQ, uncovering valuable insights for those in the events industry.


Weathering the Storm: Navigating Event Challenges in 2020 and Beyond

One of the standout aspects of our conversation was how TechBBQ successfully navigated the turbulent waters of 2020, a year that saw the event industry severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Sam's insights into this journey were enlightening.

TechBBQ, despite the odds, managed to not only survive but thrive during the pandemic. A testament to their resilience, Sam shared that they received invaluable support from partners and government assistance. This allowed them to retain their core team, ensuring they were ready to bounce back when the time was right.

The lesson here is clear: in the ever-changing landscape of the events industry, adaptability and a strong support network are crucial for event organizers to endure the toughest of times. While every event's situation may be unique, TechBBQ's ability to pivot and persevere offers valuable inspiration for those seeking to weather similar storms.

Beyond the Event: TechBBQ's Holistic Approach to Fostering Innovation

TechBBQ isn't just another tech event; it's an organization with a holistic approach to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. Sam shed light on TechBBQ's role as a non-profit entity engaged in a variety of projects throughout the year, each designed to create connections and engagement within the tech ecosystem.

Their multi-project approach is both impressive and instructive. By extending their impact beyond the flagship event, TechBBQ ensures continuous engagement with their audience and partners. This strategy not only enhances their visibility but also aligns them more closely with the broader goals of their community.

Event organizers can take a page from TechBBQ's playbook by diversifying their initiatives, focusing on community-building year-round, and embracing their role as more than just a one-time gathering. In doing so, they can foster deeper relationships and provide ongoing value to their stakeholders.

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The Power of Personal Engagement: A COO Who Walks the Talk

One of the most striking aspects of our conversation was Sam's personal approach to event management. As the COO and Chief Engagement Officer, he actively seeks to establish personal connections with attendees, partners, and speakers, creating a warm and memorable atmosphere at TechBBQ.

This personal touch extends beyond the event itself. Sam places a high value on giving back to those who dedicate their time to TechBBQ, be it through speaking engagements or attendance. He exemplifies the principle of reciprocity, ensuring that every participant feels appreciated and valued.

Sam's dedication to personal engagement serves as a powerful reminder to event organizers that the human element is at the heart of every successful event. Fostering connections, expressing gratitude, and creating a welcoming atmosphere are invaluable strategies for building a loyal and engaged community.

Scaling Sustainably: The Challenge of Venue Selection and Growth

The conversation with Sam also touched on the challenges of scaling an event like TechBBQ. As the organization grows, it must consider its venue options carefully. TechBBQ has reached a point where its current venue may no longer accommodate its expanding audience.

Sam discussed the possibility of moving to a larger venue, but not without thoughtfulness. He emphasized the importance of retaining the unique, grassroots feel of TechBBQ, even as it potentially moves to a larger space. Maintaining the essence of what makes the event special is a priority.

Event organizers facing similar dilemmas can learn from TechBBQ's approach. Scaling is often essential for growth, but it should be done with a keen eye on preserving the event's core identity. Sam's insights underscore the importance of strategic venue selection and thoughtful planning to ensure that an event continues to resonate with its community.

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TechBBQ's Journey Offers Inspiration and Insights

This conversation with Sam Eshrati provided a captivating glimpse into the inner workings of TechBBQ, a force to be reckoned with in the tech event space. Their ability to adapt and thrive during challenging times, embrace a holistic approach to innovation, prioritize personal engagement, and tackle the challenges of scaling sustainably holds valuable lessons for event organizers everywhere.

As the events industry continues to evolve, TechBBQ's journey offers inspiration and insights that can help shape the future of event management. By staying true to their mission of fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, TechBBQ demonstrates the power of community-driven events and the enduring value they bring to the world of tech. Keep an eye on TechBBQ, because their journey is far from over, and their impact is sure to resonate for years to come.

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