The Selected Salon - 006

Suzanne Newman
Suzanne Newman
The Selected Salon - 006

During this next Salon, we’ll be talking with Hugh Forrest - Chief Programming Officer at SXSW - about his experiences hosting SXSW Online this year.

If you enjoy the content at SXSW, then you can thank Hugh. Hugh has been the Chief Programming Officer for one of the most well-known and celebrated digital creative event for over 32 years.

From “kind of” launching Twitter at SXSW to organising a fully digital event, Hugh has seen the major digital transformation firsthand. Using a variety of unique initiatives like the “South by Southwest PanelPicker” (for speaking proposals) and using social media to accelerate their growth, Hugh knows his way around putting together a fantastic program.

Although he won’t predict the future of events, this session is sure to bring in some engaging conversation about events, innovation, and community.

That's it for the teaser, RSVP to join us May 18th for our 6th Selected Salon to continue this conversation 😉

The Selected Salon is a unique series of intimate, curated events available exclusively to Selected Sesamers paid members.

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