Sesamers on Tour: Africa

Tara Johnson
Tara Johnson
Sesamers on Tour: Africa

Announcing Sesamers on Tour Stop #4: Africa, in collaboration with Afrobytes on May 4th.

Join us on Tuesday, May 4th at 2pm CET to learn about the booming African tech ecosystem; showcasing emerging talents and fresh ideas.

Check out the program below and our interview on the African tech scene with speaker Dario Giuliani, founder and CEO of Briter Bridges.

The Program

Using a dynamic format with Round the World, this program is divided into two segments to explore the happenings in the African tech ecosystem. Hosted by Ammin Youssouf, Co-Founder and CEO of Afrobytes.

Tech in Africa: a success story of growth

This session will look at the story of Africa from to where it was to where it is heading, we have gathered three African tech experts to tell the story of Africa's success in tech growth.

The rise of Fintech in Francophone Africa

Going down to the Ivory Coast, we will have a fireside chat with the CEO of CinetPay, an online payment and money transfer solution that allows companies and institutions in French Speaking Africa to accept payments by mobile money, e-wallets and bank cards.

African voices on the global stage

As the tech scene in Africa expands to the global stage, we need to ensure that these new voices are heard.

Interview with Dario Giuliani

Speaking at the Sesamers on Tour stop, Briter founder Dario Giuliani sat down to give a teaser on what he will be talking about in the What’s happening in African tech? session on May 4th.

Before founding Briter, Dario worked at the intersection of tech, finance, economic growth and emerging markets, with organizations such as CDC Group, the GSMA, Oxford University, across Europe, Asia, and Sub-Saharan Africa. He’s passionate about unlocking opportunities by way of creating valuable knowledge and connection.

Briter just finished researching and creating their "Technology and Investment in Francophone Africa" report. It will be available in the coming weeks on their website.

What exactly is your company Briter Bridges and how is it relevant to the local ecosystem?

Briter is a data-driven research company that has released some of the largest collections of data visualizations about underserved markets, particularly Africa. Briter works closely with the startup and investment community and,  in 2020, it launched Intelligence, a proprietary business analytics platform dedicated to underserved markets, which now counts thousands of users worldwide.

What can we expect to learn from the "Technology and Investment in Francophone Africa" Report?

The report provides an overview of the key sectors across Francophone Africa by analyzing over 1, 300 startups and engaging with dozens of investors, founders, and ecosystem enablers from Congo to Senegal.

Why do you think Africa could be the new (francophone) tech hotspot?

Francophone Africa remains a largely underserved market but the talent pool and the business opportunities are wide although often neglected in favor of more mainstream geographies, such as East Africa. This also makes the competition less fierce and offers several opportunities to tap into new customer segments.

And where are the growing ecosystems in Africa?

Both Tunisia and Morocco in Francophone North Africa, Cote d’Ivoire and Senegal in Francophone West Africa, but new nascent and fast-growing ecosystems are also seen in Algeria, Mali, Burkina Faso, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

What is your experience with international investors?

A growing pool of investors, institutional, private, and corporate venture arms, are starting to actively look and deploy capital in the region. Abidjan-based African Development Bank, individual governments, and France are also making strides to support the startup ecosystem in these countries.

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