Top 75 Startup Events & Conferences in 2021

Top 75 Startup Events & Conferences in 2021

Online, hybrid or fully IRL - we've got you covered with an ever-expanding list of the best startup events & conferences in 2021!

Looking for the best events & conferences in 2023?

Top Startup Events & Conferences in 2023
Our list of the most exciting startup events and conferences to have on your radar in 2023. Whether you’re looking for DeepTech or Web3, we’ve got you covered. We’re always updating with new info so make sure to stay up to date!

Not seeing your favorite startup event/conference? 👉

At Selected, we're firm believers in the fact that there's simply no replacement for real, live-and-in-person events. The speakers, the attendees, the meetups, the side events, and, let's be honest, the parties (and for the rare few, the after parties) are what make them everything that we love.

That said, the world of events is evolving faster than ever before so we're here to help you figure out what's what, where to be & when!

Why are startup conferences more like business events in 2021?

The main reason startup conferences are more like business events in 2021 is because compared to previous years, startups are getting more business leads from the events they’re attending this year due to the fact that they can attend more international conferences without being blocked by travel restrictions since most events have moved online.

What’s the best way to prepare for online startup conferences?

One of the best pieces of advice we’ve heard regarding best tips to prepare for online conferences is to set an out of office message on your inbox AND any internal team chat  platforms like Slack, etc on the day of the event. This will help you be more focused on the content and networking opportunities of the event itself and less distracted by the daily grind of work. Once you’ve set your OOO in place, you then need to make sure you have all the access links (and passwords) to get into the online startup conference itself as there can often be several platforms and varying links to access both the content and networking!

What are investors looking for from remote startup pitches?

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you need to address the current economic climate before the meeting - by adjusting your forecasts, metrics & valuation to reflect the big hit to public markets - otherwise, according to Jon Steinberg of Mountside Ventures “you could come across as naive, knock your credibility, and make building trust through a webcam even harder than it already is.” Also, don’t forget that your remote pitch is a 2-way meeting so it’s best to ask the investor(s) your own questions about why they’re best positioned to help you! Last but not least, make sure you understand the VC fund’s internal mechanics. Sebastian Toupy reminds us that “most founders understand that VC's invest in order to generate a significant return on investment (ROI). However, unless you've looked closely at a VC fund's mechanics, you might not fully grasp the magnitude of the ROI required or the expectations of your investors.”

What are some pros and cons of online vs. offline events?

The most obvious upside to attending online events is the convenience of not having to get on a plane, check into a hotel and be away from your office or family for days at a time! Another benefit of online events is the increased access to connecting with more international speakers & contacts that you might otherwise not have had the chance to meet in person. The biggest downside to online events (vs offline events) is the lack of exciting atmospheric energy that happens during offline events, including spontaneous meetings with potential clients and all the fun that happens after offline events like karaoke parties, etc ;) Whether we return to fully in-person events again in the near future, the fact remains that startup conferences are re-thinking business models with attendees in the form of pay-as-you-consume packages, add-on pricing for exclusive access to content and alternative experiences at premier prices.

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And voila, here's our rundown of the Top 75 Startup Events & Conferences in 2021.

Top startup conferences in January

CES 2021

January 11-14, Virtual Event

#exhibition #technology #consumer #healthcare #mobility #creative #entertainment

CES is the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. It has served as the proving ground for innovators and breakthrough technologies for 50+ years – the global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace.

The all-digital CES 2021 will continue to be a platform to launch products, engage with global brands and define the future of the tech industry.

Biotech Showcase 2021

January 11-15, Virtual Event

#conference #biotech #medtech #digital #medicine #pharmaceutical #investors

Biotech Showcase Digital is an investor and networking conference devoted to providing private and small- and mid-cap biotechnology companies an opportunity to present to and meet with investors and biopharmaceutical executives.

This year's edition offers a seed showcase for startups to present their solutions and meet investors.

Top startup conferences in February

Mobility Pioneer 2021

February 9, Virtual Event

#conference #mobility #e-mobility #transportation #infrastructure #data

Mobility Pioneer will showcase the greatest innovations in mobility for 2021, bringing together local and international governments, automotive companies, investors, and startups through panel discussions, live demos, presentations, and 1-1 meetings.​

The event will offer all sides of the mobility ecosystem a unique format to exchange ideas, discuss trends and future breakthroughs, and network for real business and investment opportunities.

Startup Grind Global Conference 2021

February 22-25, Virtual Event

#conference #technology #innovation #ecosystem

Presented by Startup Grind, the 2021 Global Conference will bring together startups from around the world. The new virtual and choose-what-you-pay model makes this year’s event more accessible for startups globally than ever before.

Join 15,000 others for conversation and collaboration around tech, startups, and the future of innovation.

SaaStock Remote 2021

February 23-25, Virtual Event

#conference #SaaS #costumer #product #sales #marketing #workplace

SaaStock hosts multiple conferences around the globe. The SaaStock Remote is Europe's most actionable conference for B2B SaaS founders, executives, and investors.

The two-day conference is filled with many satellite events, focused on the business of building and scaling B2B SaaS companies.

MWC Shanghai 2021

February 23-25, Shanghai, China (Hybrid)

#exhibition #consumer #DeepTech #industry #mobility #innovation #impact

The headline for MWC Shanghai 2021 is Connected Impact, showcasing how the entire digital ecosystem continues to transform our lives towards a safer and better world.

MWC Shanghai 2021 promises conversation guided by technology’s visionaries, networking opportunities to forge partnerships and a packed exhibition listing of technology that will define the future and advance your business strategy.

In addition the event offers the start-up business platform 5G IN where industry leaders, founders, funders and experts share their vision and latest developments in cutting edge technology.

Top startup conferences in March

Pause Fest 2021

March 1-12, Virtual Event  

#festival #innovation #business #digital #creative #diversity

Pause Fest 2021 is the world’s leading festival for business and creativity and brings diverse intelligence together to fuel the next generation forward. Hear from the world’s leading minds in a high definition transmission of the future.

The event creates a culture for creators and innovators to come together and share their projects, knowledge, passions, and insights openly, freely, and generously for the benefit of the entire community.

SXSW 2021

March 16-20, Virtual Event

#festival #creative #music #film #culture #art #technology

The South by Southwest (SXSW) Conference & Festivals celebrate the convergence of the interactive, film, and music industries. Fostering creative and professional growth alike, SXSW is the premier destination for discovery.

Featuring a variety of tracks that allow attendees to explore what’s next in the worlds of film, culture, music, and technology.

Wolves Summit 2021

March 24-26, Warsaw, Poland (Hybrid)

#conference #technology #matchmaking #networking #cee

Founded in 2015 in Warsaw, Poland, the conference grew to become the largest tech event in Central and Eastern Europe. Today, Wolves Summit is best known for its matchmaking platform helping its attendees move the needle through meaningful connections.

Wolves Summit connects angel investors, VC funds, tech talent, and corporations with the most promising startups in the CEE region to help ambitious founders scale and foster international economic growth.

Step Anywhere 2021

March 29-31, Virtual Event

#festival #technology #digital #innovation

Step Anywhere is a fully online edition of the conference and features 6 tracks of live talks and panels, workshops, various startup programming, exhibition and showcasing, opportunities and entertainment.

Top startup conferences in April

TechCrunch Early Stage 2021 Part 1

April 1-2, Virtual Event

#webinar #technology #ecosystem

TechCrunch Early Stage is returning to offer founders an unrivaled opportunity to learn from top experts how best to move ahead in the startup game.

During this virtual event, take part in highly interactive, small group sessions with top investors and ecosystem experts, in fields ranging from fundraising and law, to growth and recruiting —plus get inspiration from TechCrunch interviews with top founders and investors telling their stories of success (and failure).

Hannover Messe 2021

April 12-16, Hannover, Germany (Hybrid)

#exhibition #industrials #DeepTech #logistics #materials #energy #mobility

Hannover Messe is the worlds leading fair for promoting industrial technologies worldwide. The event involves all core technologies and core areas in industries ranging from Research and Development to the mobility of technologies.

The event involves a wide variety of synergies offered by the professionals and experts. The event is considered as the industries global hotspot.

The Young Tech Enterprises area and presentation at Hannover Messe is giving dynamic new tech entrepreneurs a platform of their own.

Startupfest 2021

April 12-14, Montreal, Canada

#festival #innovation #digital #technology

Startupfest is the largest startup event in Canada, boasting over 8000 attendees, and growing.

Founded in 2011, it has become the annual gathering at which entrepreneurs, investors, makers, large enterprises, industry veterans, and startup communities chart the course of technology entrepreneurship.

It features world-class content, from back-of-napkin ideas to champagne-popping exits, across three days of keynotes, interactive how-to sessions, thought-provoking predictions, and a healthy dose of irreverence.

Adobe Summit 2021

April 13-15, Virtual Event

#conference #consumer #advertising #marketing #creative #design #digital

The Digital Experience Conference is the premier event for digital marketers and advertisers to learn about and share key strategies for driving marketing innovation.

Attend Summit to learn how you can create, measure, and optimize digital experiences to revolutionize how the world engages with ideas and information.

MedCity Invest 2021

April 19-23, Virtual Event

#conference #healthcare #biotech #medtech #medicine

MedCity INVEST unites active investors with corporate business development executives to facilitate investment opportunities with the most promising healthcare startups.

For more than a decade, biopharma, diagnostics, health IT, medical devices and beyond have presented here to investors.

Collision 2021

April 20-22, Toronto, Canada

#conference #technology #academic #entertainment

The Collision Conference is  Canada’s biggest technology conference to date. Run by Web Summit, a company from Ireland that holds events across the globe, Collision hosts huge names in the business, academic, and entertainment spaces to talk about the role of technology in today’s world.

“Collision is one of the world’s biggest tech conferences.” – Bloomberg

"Collision buzzes with startup electricity." – HuffPost


April 27 - May 12, Vienna, Austria (Hybrid)

#festival #innovation #business #technology

ViennaUP is an international festival with a series of hybrid events organized from the community for the community of startups, investors and talents.

The event aims to bring together the people who are shaping the future of business and technology.

EU-Startup Summit 2021

April 29-30, Barcelona, Spain

#exhibition #startup #innovation #technology #showcase

The Summit showcases a selection of Europe’s hottest startups and come together to learn from some of the most successful European entrepreneurs of our time.

The two-day event is a great opportunity for networking, and a meeting point for aspiring entrepreneurs and investors who are aiming to build international tech companies.

Top startup conferences in May

SaaStock LatAm 2021

May 6, Virtual Event

#conference #SaaS #technology #innovation #product #consumer #digital

Latin America’s most actionable conference for B2B SaaS founders, executives, and investors. SaaS leaders will gather to connect and share what they’ve learned about conquering the domestic market and taking their companies global.

With a world-class speaker line-up being added to every day, and content devised to maximize return for SaaS businesses, SaaStock LatAm is an unmissable opportunity for ambitious founders, execs, and investors from all over Latin America.

Podim 2021

May 17-19, Virtual Event

#conference #technology #innovation #networking #matchmaking

Podim is creating real value by bringing together and connecting renowned international investors, established corporations, and startups & scaleups from the Alps-Adriatic and Western Balkans regions.

To provide maximum quality of learning and networking, the event does not to accept more than 1,000 participants. Therefore, Podim is just the right size event to offer you easy access to personally meet top-notch speakers and get valuable time with investors, business executives, and other participants.

Podim is the gateway to and from the region for efficient networking, making deals, and sharing experiences.

Digital Enterprise Show 2021

May 18-20, Madrid, Spain

#exhibition #digital #technology #DeepTech #marketing

Digital Enterprise Show enables digital business transformation to happen, gathering cutting edge technologies and top-notch speakers to meet delegates´ objectives, challenges and needs.

It is a high potential B2B platform to generate business, elevate the brand, strengthen thought leadership and reinforce business relationships with relevant stakeholders.

DES connects the most innovating companies, providers of tech solutions based on AI, IoT, Cloud, Cybersecurity, AR/VR, Data Analytics, Mar&AdTech, 5G and solutions designed specifically Digital Marketing and Industry 4.0, with C-Level Executives and purchase decision-makers, who attends DES.

EcoMotion 2021

May 18-20, Tel Aviv, Israel (Hybrid)

#conference #mobility #e-mobility #MaaS #autonomous #infrastructure

EcoMotion Week is a showcase of excellence in innovation and entrepreneurship featuring community activities, cocktail hours, and of course, the annual Main Event.

The biggest week in smart mobility is one of the best places to meet innovators in transportation with hundreds of start-ups, dozens of senior executives and policymakers in EcoMotion’s unique atmosphere, fostering brainstorming, great networking, and innovation.

TechChill 2021

May 19 - 21, Riga, Latvia

#conference #technology #marketing #sales #health #education #digital

TechChill celebrates the best of the Baltic startup community by annually bringing together 2000+ attendees, including the fastest-growing startups, most innovative corporations, investors active in the region and talented tech enthusiasts.

TechChill 2021 will take place for 3 weeks, each week is dedicated to a different topic (content, networking, partners) including a dedicated day for activities in each week.

Afrobytes 2021

May 25, Virtual Event

#conference #technology #africa #innovation #ecosystem

Afrobytes is the Marketplace to meet key players of the African Tech Industry.

The event brings together entrepreneurs, business executives, CEOs, academics, innovators, investors, venture capitalists, tech enthusiasts and media to explore business opportunities between the African tech ecosystem and players in the global tech world.


May 25-27, Barcelona, Spain

#conference #climate #change #impact #sustainability #technology #innovation

Innovate4Climate is a platform that promotes dialogue among the public and private sector on innovative ways to mobilize finance towards climate action.

It is the preeminent global conference where leaders from government, industry, business, finance, and technology, gather to envision the next generation of climate-smart solutions with the potential to transform the global economy.

Hinterland of Things Conference 2021

May 27, Bielefeld, Germany

#conference #innovation #DeepTech #IoT #AI #blockchain

Explore how deep tech solutions based on IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain influence already today how we grow produce, how we travel, how we manufacture goods, how we reach for the stars or travel to Mars – based on Innovation Made in Europe by newly founded startup and established companies alike.

Experience new innovative formats: Get inspired by the two stage programs, deep-dive into products in the expo area to experience ready-to-be-used solutions in AI, Blockchain and Big Data and get to know local and international startups in special matchmaking sessions.

Digital|K 2021

May 27-28, Sofia, Bulgaria

#conference #future #digital #transformation #networking

Digital|K is among the leading European events that guide you through the digital transformation.

From visionary keynotes to workshops bursting with practical advice, and plenty of networking opportunities, DigitalK brings together some of the brightest minds that will help business owners and entrepreneurs to find out how to re-invent their company and make it competitive for a brand new world.

ChangeNOW Summit 2021

May 27-29, Paris, France (Hybrid)

#exhibition #sustainability #impact #DeepTech #agriculture #education #energy

ChangeNOW is all about concrete actions and innovations: climate change, end of plastic pollution, new forms of agriculture, new models of education, solutions to the refugee crisis, clean energy, sustainable cities, ... and other solutions to our most urgent global issues.

The 3-day event contains inspiring sessions with the pioneers of change in each field, pitch sessions of the most promising startups, dedicated exhibition areas and thematic networking meet-ups to connect with the players of the industry.

Startup Village 2021

May 27-28, Moscow, Russia

#conference #technology #DeepTech #healthcare #impact #sustainability

Startup Village is the largest startup conference in Russia and the CIS countries for technology entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

Organized by Skolkovo, Startup Village is the best event to connect with the Russian market.

Top startup conferences in June

Arctic15 2021

June 1-2, Helsinki, Finland

#conference #matchmaking #networking

Arctic15 is a matchmaking and networking event in the Nordics, which has been connecting people since 2011.

The 3-day event brings together a focused international crowd of startups, scaleups, investors, corporates and influencers and is extremely focused on startup matchmaking and showcases a very high number of investors, almost 50% of their participants in 2020.

InnoVEX 2021

June 2-4, Taipei, Taiwan

#conference #technology #innovation #ecosystem

InnoVEX first started in the 2016 COMPUTEX TAIPEI as a platform for startups and ICT professionals to meet, promote, and explore new business ventures and opportunities.

Held annually in Taipei; attending startups, manufacturers, and VCs will have opportunities to connect and establish partnerships. Event details include exhibitions, pitch contests, forum, product demonstrations, and matchmaking; all of which will be an excellent opportunity to see what the market has to offer.

Tech Days 2021

June 7-8, Munich, Germany

#conference #DeepTech #cleantech #cybersecurity #digital #innovation

During Tech Days, Munich becomes a hotspot for founders, entrepreneurs and creatives.

Innovation managers from the corporate world mingle with digital natives to exchange their views on ongoing transformation, new ways of creation, organizing or accelerating innovation.

CogX 2021

June 7-9, London, UK

#festival #DeepTech #AI #cloud #leadership

CogX is the the Global Leadership Summit and Festival of AI & Breakthrough Tech.

Covering all 17 tracks of content, virtual meet-the-speaker breakout sessions, the vExpo and Startup Village, invite-only side events, roundtables, and speed networking for each vertical.

Urban Future 2021

June 16-18, Rotterdam, Netherlands

#conference #sustainability #mobility #smartcity #technology

The URBAN FUTURE global conference is an event for sustainable cities.

At the UFGC you meet people who drive change to make our cities more sustainable. Be it mayors, architects, mobility experts, city planners, scientists, sustainability managers, representatives from start-ups, environmentalists, innovation experts or others. What unites them is their passion for better cities.

Dublin Tech Summit Virtual 2021

June 17, Virtual Event

#summit #technology #business #diversity #change

Dublin Tech Summit Virtual will draw the most influential tech and business leaders from across the world.

For one day, experts from over 70 countries will come together to share knowledge, debate the latest trends, and network, all from the live virtual event space.

Latitude59 2021

June 17-18, Tallinn, Estonia

#festival #digital #technology #matchmaking

Latitude59 is the flagship startup and tech event of the world’s first digital society.

Latitude59 is THE place to be for various networking opportunities, in-depth discussions with top international players, several pitching rounds for both startups as well as investors, and an overall chance to get together and reflect on the crazy strenuous months behind us and forge new plans for the future.

Greentech Festival 2021

June 17-19, Berlin, Germany (Hybrid)

#festival #sustainability #greentech #mobility #food #finance #energy

With the motto 'celebrate change', Greentech Festival brings people from all over the world together - live and online - to be inspired by green, innovative technologies that facilitate a sustainable lifestyle.

As the first festival of its kind, it combines an exhibition of green technologies, a conference featuring sustainability pioneers and forward-thinkers, the green awards gala, the online show sw!tch green and a concert.

VivaTechnology 2021

June 17-19, Paris, France (Hybrid)

#exhibition #technology #sustainability #mobility #innovation #impact

VivaTech became the largest startup event in Europe after 4 edition. It is the key meeting point for the French ecosystem, as well as a large number of international delegates, in particular from Africa and other French speaking countries.

VivaTech brings together people, from startups, corporates and VCs, to ignite growth, business transformation and positive change.

4YFN 2021 + MWC Barcelona 2021

June 28 - July 1, Barcelona, Spain (Hybrid)

#conference #exhibition #mobile #technology #digital

MWC collaborates with 4YFN to bring you one of the best startup conferences in 2021. The event brings together innovators, business leaders, and futurists to focus on a common theme, which this year is “Connected Impact”.

At the core of 4YFN 2021 will be keynotes by influencers and pioneers, discussions among top experts of the industry – as well as insightful startup pitches.

Top startup conferences in July

TechCrunch Early Stage 2021 - Marketing & Fundraising

July 8-9, Virtual Event

#webinar #technology #ecosystem

A virtual event where early-stage founders can take part in highly interactive, small group sessions with top investors and ecosystem experts, in fields ranging from fundraising and law, to growth and recruiting.

Top startup conferences in August

sTARTUp Day 2021

August 25-27, Tartu, Estonia (Hybrid)

#festival #technology #innovation #networking #collaboration #matchmaking

sTARTUp Day is bringing together startup-minded people to celebrate entrepreneurship, to discuss business, innovation and new technologies, share startup success stories and lessons learned.  

The two-day program is complemented with several pitching competitions, hands-on seminars with professionals and a large expo area where companies showcase their latest innovations.

In addition you can expect organized matchmaking to connect startups with investors, find future business partners and startup-corporate collaboration. The festival ends with an afterparty you don’t wanna miss.

SHIFT Business Festival 2021

August 25-26, Turku, Finland (Hybrid)

#festival #intelligent #business #innovation #technology

SHIFT unites innovators and decision makers to develop intelligent businesses that will save the world.

Their aim is to make every business intelligent. That means being more sustainable while making a good profit, using the powers new technologies offer. SHIFT offers you the inspiration, network and tools to actualize the change.

The Festival hosts 3000 participants, for two days full of meaningful conversations, stage program, round-table discussions and workshops, in addition to several side events, networking sessions as well as after parties.

Pirate Summit 2021

August 30 - September 3, Virtual Event

#conference #technology #networking #innovation

The PIRATE Summit 2021! "Europe's Craziest Startup Tech Conference" has been bringing international founders together with top-class investors and group representatives since 2011.

The demand for quality is a special trademark of the early-stage conference.

Each participant must apply for a ticket and is selected by hand by the staff. Finally, the number of participants is limited to 1,000 - an exclusive circle. In this way, the organizers ensure that the festival character of the PIRATE Summit will be maintained.

Top startup conferences in September

Wild Digital Indonesia 2021

September 8-9, Virtual Event

#conference #business #e-commerce #digital

La serie de conferencias Wild Digital Indonesia vuelve por cuarto año. Atraviese el archipiélago indonesio con los principales actores de la región para descubrir el mayor mercado del sudeste asiático y aprender lo que lo hace funcionar.

Startup Olé 2021

September 6-10, Salamanca, Spain

#conference #innovation #digital #transformation

At Startup Olé, startups, accelerators, corporates, investors, universities and public institutions will meet to develop synergies, secure financing opportunities and boost the digital transformation through a series of activities like matchmaking, roundtables, networking app, and networking the Spanish way.

IAA 2021

September 9-12, Munich, Germany (Hybrid)

#tradeshow #mobility #e-mobility #transportation #autonomous #smartcities

The IAA will have a new look at the new Munich venue and will be developed into a leading platform reflecting the entire new ecosystem of mobility.

From vehicle manufacturers and suppliers to technology companies, mobility service providers and local public transport, all the way to startups, the IAA in Munich will become the meeting place for innovators from Silicon Valley, Europe and as far away as Asia.

The fascination of the most advanced cars will continue to be an important part of the new IAA, and in addition the world’s leading trade show for the automotive sector will evolve into one of the driving forces for the further development of a major metropole into a “smart city” with intelligent traffic concepts and innovative connectivity between the modes of transport – sustainable and geared to people’s needs.

TechBBQ 2021

September 16-17, Copenhagen, Denmark (Hybrid)

#conference #technology #innovation #community #networking

TechBBQ is the biggest tech and innovation summit in Scandinavia gathering the entire startup community and building bridges to the world. The 2021 edition will be held online.

The event brings together talent, capital, and knowledge to build communities and foster growth for startups and scaleups based on the distinctive Nordic traditions of openness, trust, and inclusion.

London Tech Week 2021

September 20-24, Virtual Event

#conference #technology #healthtech #foodtech #mobility #consumer

This event covers every element of the technological world and its future possibilities, with a range of events held across London.

Established in 2012 to promote the UK as Europe’s Tech Capital, London Tech Week has become a thriving event.

TechCrunch Disrupt 2021

September 21-23, Virtual Event

#conference #technology #innovation

TechCrunch Disrupt is five days of non-stop online programming with two big focuses: founders and investors shaping the future of disruptive technology and ideas and startup experts providing insights to entrepreneurs.

It is also a great event to connect with investors and ecosystem organizations from silicon valley and beyond.

France Digitale Day 2021

September 22, Paris, France

#conference #innovation #networking #matchmaking #ecosystem

France Digitale is the leading startup organization in Europe. Created in 2012, following the Pigeon movement, the association represents more than 1,500 French digital entrepreneurs and investors.

France Digitale Day is Europe's most exclusive startup event including many inspiring founders, 1to1 meeting-track between startups and VCs, meeting track between startups and corporates and unlimited networking through a dedicated app.

Techsylvania 2021

September 22-23, Virtual Event

#conference #technology #digital #product

Techsylvania is one of the largest technology events in Romania and among the most important in Eastern Europe, always being on the agenda of those who want to be one step ahead of trends and enrich their product, technology or business knowledge from leaders in the field.

Listen to disruptive technology speakers deliver insights into what the future may actually be like, be inspired by successful entrepreneurs that usually got where they are by making tons of mistakes, have coffee with investors, a beer with marketing professionals, or simply recharge your battery by socializing with your peers.

Oslo Innovation Week 2021

September 27-30, Virtual Event

#festival #innovation #sustainability #technology #impact

Since 2005, Oslo Innovation Week has gathered startups, corporates, investors, innovation drivers, tech experts and creatives in the city centre of Oslo. The event highlights solutions that solve real global challenges through entrepreneurship, technology and innovation.

Oslo Innovation Week brings forward new voices and innovation in action. It brings together the people with business solutions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

TNW Conference 2021

September 30 - October 1, Amsterdam, Netherlands (Hybrid)

#conference #DeepTech #AI #sustainability #cybersecurity #retail #consumer

TNW Conference is a technology festival that brings together international technology executives, top-tier investors, and promising startups for two days of business and knowledge sharing – surrounded by some of the highest production values at any tech event on the planet.

IdeaLab! 2021

October 1-2, Vallendar, Germany

#conference #innovation #networking

IdeaLab! – WHU Founders‘ Conference which is Europe’s leading student-run start-up conference will take place on the Vallendar campus of WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management.

Hosted in October every year, it sports a vast array of inspiring speakers, diverse participants and sponsors with unique networking opportunities.

Top startup conferences in October

South Summit 2021

October 5-7, Madrid, Spain (Hybrid)

#conference #technology #innovation #health #work

SOUTH SUMMIT is one one the leading startup conference in southern Europe, with a growing number of attendees coming from Latin America as well.

A platform created with the aim to bring together startups, international investors and leading corporations in the search for innovation.

Intelligent Health 2021

October 12, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Intelligent Health is the only large-scale, global summit series focused purely on AI in healthcare.

The event will bring the global AI and health community together and connect 54,000 clinicians, technologists and C-suite executives to create a future where AI will revolutionise health.

The two-day summit will advance discussions on how to apply AI and drive technological collaboration in healthcare.

Tech in Asia 2021

October 12-14, Virtual Event

#conference #technology #people #finance #marketing #sales #product

Tech in Asia is a media, events, and jobs platform on a mission to build and serve Asia’s tech and startup community.

The annual tech and startup conference connects top minds, catalyzes opportunities and creates a high-value business community. It is specially created to catalyze business opportunities between Asia's top startups, CEOs, VCs, and conglomerates in public and private markets.

World Summit AI 2021

October 13-14, Amsterdam, Netherlands (Hybrid)

#conference #DeepTech #AI #ML #data

The world’s leading and largest AI summit gathers the global AI ecosystem of Enterprise, BigTech, Startups, Investors and Science, the brightest brains in AI as speakers every October in Amsterdam to tackle head-on the most burning AI issues and set the global AI agenda.

Also make sure not to miss the World AI Week (also organized by InspiredMinds!) taking place on the 20th - 21st of April. WAIW is the world’s only week dedicated to AI; a series of cutting edge AI business, science, tech and networking events.

Infoshare 2021

October 14-15, Gdańsk, Poland

#conference #DeepTech #marketing #security #devtrends #data

Infoshare is the biggest tech & startup event in the CEE region.

For startups Infoshare offers startup expo, matchmaking, startup contest with 20k euro for the winner, and business focused stages.

Top startup conferences in November

Web Summit 2021

November 1-4, Lisbon, Portugal

#conference #DeepTech #consumer #finance #health #mobility #sustainability

Web Summit is an internet technology conference held annually since 2009 and its visitors range from Fortune 500 companies to tech startups.

The content spans more than 30 topics, covering all industries touched by tech. Considered by Forbes Magazine to be “The best tech conference on the planet”.


November 8-12, Singapore

#conference #asia #technology #innovation

SWITCH brings together leaders, entrepreneurs, creators, accelerators and investors from the Global-Asia innovation ecosystem.

Through the open exchange of new ideas, vibrant networks and line-up of innovation-centric activities, SWITCH provides a global platform to catalyse collaboration that bring a meaningful exchange across different fields and markets. The focus industries include healthcare & biomedical sciences, smart cities & urban solutions, trade & connectivity, and emerging sustainable technologies.

Wild Digital Southeast Asia 2021

November 9-12, Virtual Event

#conference #business #mobile #e-commerce #digital

Wild Digital is Southeast Asia's Premier Conference for digital entrepreneurs and investors.

Focusing on established regional online and mobile business, Wild Digital's fast paced format is the ideal environment to learn about the region's digital landscape and network with key internet players and investors.

Wild Digital offers attendees access to hundreds of millions of funding opportunities by meeting region's most prominent VC's and angels.

DN Unlimited 2021

November 17-18, Virtual Event

#conference #data #science #technology

Data Natives is the meeting point for data scientists, industry experts, leading entrepreneurs, tech and business professionals to inspire each other and disrupt the status quo.

Data Natives conference brings together a global community of data-driven pioneers to explore the technologies that are shaping our world - from big data to blockchain, from AI to the Internet of Things. Whether you're looking to learn, collaborate, or take your business to the next level, we want to help you get there.

GIANT Health 2021

November 30 - December 1, London, UK (Hybrid)

#festival #healthcare #healthtech #innovation #wearables

Giant Health brings together all the most passionate, innovative people and successful companies defining the global healthtech industry.

The GIANT (Global Innovation and New Technology) Health Event is an unmissable innovation festival with over 25 conferences, 450 speakers, immersive workshops, and Beanstalks (a global startup competition for prizes).

The Big Score 2021

November 30 - December 2, Ghent, Belgium

#conference #innovation #technology #VC

The Big Score is an international venture capital & corporate innovation sourcing B2B event.

Corporates presenting their tech challenges to impactful, B2B startups & scale-ups. Nominated startups & scale-ups pitching their solutions to growth stage investors & corporate sourcing profiles.

Whether it’s funding or business development; The Big Score guarantees a qualitative group of impactful startups and scale-ups, deep pocket investors & corporate innovators.

Top startup conferences in December

Slush 2021

December 1-2, Helsinki, Finland

#festival #DeepTech #innovation #ecosystem #sustainability #impact

Slush is a student-driven, not-for-profit movement originally founded to change attitudes toward entrepreneurship.

Slush has grown from a single gathering in Helsinki to a series of events organized all around the world.  

The Main Event in Helsinki is the focal point for European and Asian startups and tech talent to meet with top-tier international influencers, investors and media.

The two-day event brings together the leading tech scene in wintery Scandinavia, amidst one of the most dynamic tech ecosystems in the world.

Hello Tomorrow Global Summit 2021

December 2-3, Paris, France

#conference #DeepTech #health #mobility #digital

The Hello Tomorrow Global Summit is a B2B event designed to connect key members of the deep tech global ecosystem: entrepreneurs, investors, large companies, researchers, accelerators & incubators, and media.

The Summit welcomes participants from 60+ countries to explore cutting-edge technologies across multiple sectors – from healthcare to aerospace.

The Global Summit differentiates itself from other major tech events by remaining a smaller sized event of 3,500 attendees in order to encourage real connection and collaboration between participants whilst still bringing together high-level attendees.

Africa Tech Summit 2021

December 8, London, UK

#conference #africa #technology #health #marketplace #networking

Africa Tech Summit London is the leading event series focused on African tech.

The three-day tech summit explore the latest trends, connect 600+ digital leaders, tech corporates, MNO’s, banks, investors, regulators, start-ups, creatives media and leading tech ventures from across Africa over an action-packed three days of insight, networking and entertainment.

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