Urban Tech Forward 2022

Vanessa Cheng
Vanessa Cheng
Urban Tech Forward 2022

Urban Tech Forward is a revolutionary hybrid event that aims to radicalise urban sustainability using powerful tech solutions. It is designed to rethink spaces where people live and work through the prism of efficiency, resilience and technology.

#urban #mobility #spacecraft #innovation


Attendees: 1,000+
Startups: 150+
VCs & CVCs: 100+
Corporates: 70+
Cities: 100+

Key Topics

Construction Tech
Property & RE (real estate) Tech
Infrastructure & Industrial IOT
Smart buildings & IOT
Energy efficiency

Practical Information

Date: September 27, 2022
Location: Praga Koneser Center, Warsaw, Poland
HQ: London, UK
Language: English


urbantechforward.com (399€-1,099€)

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