Launching the first Venture Client Track @Slush

Suzanne Newman
Suzanne Newman
Launching the first Venture Client Track @Slush

The brand new Venture Client Track premiering at Slush 2021 caught our attention so we asked Gregor Gimmy, CEO of 27pilots, to give us the scoop.

What is a Venture Client unit and how is 27pilots helping corporations set up and operate these units internally?

The Venture Client unit enables other company units to adopt startup solutions quickly, at low risk, and with measurable business impact. Regardless of the amount or origin of business challenges within the organization (e.g., R&D, IT, manufacturing, or logistics). The Venture Client unit makes sure to address them as specific problems, sometimes highly technical, sometimes strategic.  

The first-ever Venture Client unit is the BMW Startup Garage, established back in 2015. It functions as the gateway to the automobile industry for cutting-edge startups. Following BMW’s lead, pioneers in other industries have also adopted the Venture Client model. Siemens, Holcim, and Bosch established their internal Venture Client units aiming to gain competitiveness through the startup ecosystem. The location of these functional units is not limited to Europe; as more Venture Clients can be found in North America and Asia.

At 27pilots, we are 100% focused on providing dedicated Venture Client Solutions. Using our proprietary Venture Client software and data, we are able to manage, measure and scale the business impact of Venture Client units along with different organizations. We continuously improve our processes while adopting our services in different industries.

You’re hosting a Venture Client Track at Slush. Is there a reason you chose to launch this track at Slush instead of during any other event?

We present the world’s first Venture Client Track at Slush 2021 to change the game of corporate venturing. Slush, one of the world’s leading startup events, will be the first global startup conference to present a dedicated Venture Client Track. 27pilots has been awarded the exclusive rights to manage this track.

Winning a game of corporate venturing

Our vision is to bridge the gap between corporations and startups and see them strive through strategic benefits enabled by the Venture Client model of corporate venturing.

This year, Slush is sending a clear message to the world, dedicating a full track to the Venture Client model. Letting both corporations and startups know, a power shift is in the air. In the past, the focus of Slush has been on matching tech startups with international investors. For the first time, a global startup conference will offer a dedicated Venture Client Track to position corporations as customers for startups.

How are you planning to facilitate networking opportunities between attendees?

Attendees will have no time to rest as the first-of-a-kind Venture Client Track offers numerous opportunities to make sure our visitors meet, connect and network effectively. At our Venture Client Track, where startups and corporations join forces, we will be offering:

  • Numerous Venture Client Masterclasses (online & onsite) led by seasoned Venture Client experts
  • Groundbreaking panel discussions with leading Venture Clients like Siemens, Bosch & Holcim
  • Exclusive opportunities to network and share best-practices with Venture Client leaders at the Venture Client Track

Feel free to sign up and look at all the details here.

Is this Venture Client track aimed mainly at corporates or will there also be tangible benefits for startups in the audience?

The Venture Client Track brings to life the essence of Venture Clienting. Although the main focus of the track is on corporations it engages with all stakeholders and is a spectacle for showcasing the future of corporations and startups benefitting strategically from each other. It is the central forum where corporations, startups, and investors learn about, discuss and share Venture Client experiences, kicking off a new era of corporate venturing.

As a part of the track, you’ve launched a State of Venture Client Survey for companies & startups. What outcome / insights are you expecting will come from this new survey?

Even though most companies are Venture Clients, there is little Venture Client-specific research. This reduces the ability of companies to learn and improve. This motivated us to launch this Global State of Venture Client Survey. With the first-ever State of Venture Client Survey, we would like to capture the experiences of all the stakeholders. For this, 27pilots teamed up with EBS University, ETH Zürich, INSEAD, the University of Passau, and WHU Vallendar.

In particular, the State of Venture Client Survey seeks to shed light on:

  • In what areas and for what reasons are companies buying from startups?
  • How are companies structuring their Venture Client process?
  • What resources are companies using to conduct Venture Client activities?
  • What challenges are companies facing to accomplish their Venture Client goals?

Participating in the survey will help the community of Venture Clients to improve its strategies, processes, and resources. Also, startups will learn how to better sell, position, and develop their products with regard to customers’ expectations.

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