Elizabeth Angel

Elizabeth Angel

In episode 37 of the Selected podcast, we're spotlighting Elizabeth Angel, co-founder of Bioharmonize. This enlightening conversation delves into the revolutionary world of digital health and its potential to transform our lives.


1. The birth of Bioharmonize

Elizabeth opens up about the personal health journey that led her to co-found Bioharmonize, an invite-only community of global leaders, cross-pollinating novel emerging technologies in health, art and music. She shares how her experience of a health crisis, undiagnosed by traditional medical approaches, inspired her to find new ways of understanding and addressing her own health issues. This challenging journey led her to the world of digital health, where she discovered the potential of data-driven insights to transform personal health management.

2. Digital health as a tool for empowerment

Elizabeth firmly believes in the empowering potential of digital health. As she points out, health data can act as a powerful tool for individuals to understand their bodies and take control of their health. This is particularly beneficial in cases where traditional medical approaches fail to diagnose or address health issues. Elizabeth’s personal experience with digital health helped her understand her health challenges and take proactive steps to improve her wellbeing.

3. Biohacking to unlock full potential

Elizabeth touches on the world of biohacking, exploring questions like "what does it entail? What falls under this domain?" She argues how at the heart of the biohacking community is the shared principle of "taking responsibility for your own life." She shares her own journey in becoming a key member of this global community, advocating that through a combination of understanding our own biology and using techniques or technology we can live to our fullest potential in life.

4. The role of events in the path of discovery

Elizabeth emphasizes the value of events in her work and her journey. She sees events as a platform for both connecting with people and discovering niche technologies in the health tech field. She highlights the importance of being genuine, sincere, and of service to others when attending these gatherings. "There is so much noise in the world, and so many people out to get something. So when you show up at an event, or any space in your life, and if you show up to be of service [...] it puts you ahead of everybody." Elizabeth believes that this approach sets the stage for meaningful connections, fruitful collaborations, and is the reason for the extensive size of her professional network.

5. Bioharmonize’s future plans

Driven by Elizabeth's conviction that everyone deserves access to better health, Bioharmonize is poised to revolutionize the digital health space. Their upcoming product, a wearable that measures biometrics and provides valuable health insights, is an exciting step towards their mission of democratizing health knowledge and empowering individuals to take control of their health.

Elizabeth’s journey to digital health, and her insights into the potential of this rapidly growing field, provide food for thought for anyone interested in health, technology, or the intersection of the two. It underscores the transformative potential of technology in helping individuals understand and manage their health, and the power of events and genuine connections in driving this transformation.

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