Web Summit 2021

Julia Ciaciek
Julia Ciaciek
Web Summit 2021

Web Summit is an internet technology conference held annually in Lisbon since 2009 and its visitors range from Fortune 500 companies to tech startups.

#VC #entrepreneurship #DeepTech #ecosystem #innovation

"Best technology conference on the planet” - Forbes
"Web Summit is where the future goes to be born” - The Atlantic
"A grand conclave of the tech industry’s high priests” - The New York Times


Participants: 100,000+
Startups: 2,500
Investors: 1,250
Speakers: 700+
Countries: 150
- Auto/Tech. The future of transport.
- Binate.i(o). The data track.
- Content makers. The one for the creators.
- The track for business innovation.
- The design track.
- Delve into technology in its infancy.
- The journalism track.
- The developer track.
- Where decision makers gather.
- Hear from unicorns in the making.
- Healthcare as it will be.
- Sketching the fashion of the future.
- The evolution of finance.
- Harmonising tech and the music industry.
- The marketing track.
- The sustainability track.
- Q&A.
- The future of work.
- The SaaS track.
- More than just a game.
- A crash course in kickstarting a startup.
- Celebrating the rise of the machines.
- Smart money talks.

Web Summit PITCH

PITCH is Web Summit’s startup competition, pitting the world’s leading startups head-to-head in a series of online pitching battles.

Process: Startups need to apply for the general startup program of Web Summit first.

Startup porgram: The program showcases the startups disrupting their industries and introduces them to the world’s leading investors, companies and media. If chosen, you’ll get three tickets to Web Summit for 995€, access to Investor Meetings, and be eligible to apply for PITCH, 40 words, pitching masterclasses and more.

Interested in Startup Competitions? Check out our startup competitions list.

Practical Information

Date: November 01 - 04, 2021
Location: Altice Arena, Lisbon
‌‌‌‌‌HQ: Dublin, Ireland
‌‌‌‌‌Language: English


websummit (900€ - 24,995€)

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