Winning a State of European Tech NFT

Suzanne Newman
Suzanne Newman
Winning a State of European Tech NFT

Atomico's State of European Tech team just announced that they're creating 10 Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and awarding them to members of the tech community. We talked to Sarah Guemouri, co-author of the State of European Tech report, about the launch.

What inspired you to create a State of European Tech NFT?

Every year, we rely on input from thousands of game changers across the world to provide the best quality data about our ecosystem. An amazing number of individuals join forces each year to help shape the report, united around the vision of Europe reaching its full tech potential. By lending their voice to the survey, they’ve helped create a resource we can all use to make better decisions, inspire entrepreneurship, and champion European tech.

To say thank you, we always team up with partners to give out some great prizes (like free Slush tickets!) to the people that contribute their time and effort to the report. This year we’re still doing that, but we also wanted to try something new. The NFT is a fun and light-hearted way of thanking the community, by giving them a chance to own a symbolic piece of this year’s report.

How will you award the NFTs?

Anyone in tech can win one of the 10 NFTs. They simply have to take our short survey about the state of European tech, then get at least five contacts to take it too, using their personal referral link.

By taking the survey and encouraging others to do the same, participants will be enhancing the overall impact of this year’s report. That’s why, beyond the five minimum referrals, each additional response their link generates will earn them another entry in the draw; the more data they help collect, the better their chances of winning.

Why NFTs?

NFTs have quickly entered the tech vernacular and are adored, ridiculed, sought after and misunderstood in equal measure. For us, these NFTs represent a fun and novel way for the community to commemorate a historic year in tech, where Europe is set to reach the $100 billion investment milestone.

I’m pretty excited by innovation in the creator economy and the shift we’re seeing towards more collaboration in the publishing world. NFTs are an interesting application of Web3 technologies, a playful way to engage with digital content, and a herald of future business model innovation. Beyond being fun to collect, NFTs can increase visibility of individual contributors, and encourage a sense of belonging around a shared mission. I think these NFTs will be a fun celebration in a year that has been marked by the rise of digital assets/ownership.

Atomico will reveal and award the 10 NFTs to the winners at the December launch of the State of European Tech report 2021, produced by Atomico in partnership with Slush, Orrick and Silicon Valley Bank.

To participate in the NFT prize draw, take the State of European Tech survey and share the referral link given at the end among your network!

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