Women in Tech

Tara Johnson
Tara Johnson
Women in Tech

March is Women's History Month and because of that, we're celebrating some of the best women leaders in tech.


Check out some fantastic women who paved the way in tech here, & here.


Dr Sandhya Sriram and Dr Ka Yi Ling Co-founders @Shiok Meats #founder #food

Margaret Magdesian, PhD CEO and founder @ANANDA Devices #founder #health

Luna Yu CEO @Genecis #founder #environment

Kelly Peng Founder, CEO & CTO @Kura Technologies #founder #AR

Aude Guo Cofounder @InnovaFeed #founder #sustainability

Janet Hur, Ph.D. CEO & Cofounder @Millibatt #founder #energy

Stephanie Lampkin CEO @Blendoor #founder #software

Charu Thomas CEO @Ox #founder #supplychain

Heidi Wyle, Ph.D. Founder & CEO @Venti Technologies #founder #transportation

Hayley Leibson Cofounder @LunchClub #founder #virtualtools

Dana Lattouf Founder @Tickitto #founder #virtualtools

9 organizations for Women in Tech to join or support

4 articles to read about Women in Tech

No Hoodies and Allbirds for These Women in Tech
The tech-bro uniform is on its way out. Here’s how a new generation of women in tech is changing the status quo, starting with what they wear.
8 Female Venture Capital Investors To Watch In 2021
A more inclusive VC industry means more opportunities for under-represented founders and more wealth for everyone. Here are eight female investors who are shaping the future of the venture capital space, paving the way for the next generation of female investors as role models and mentors.
Women in tech: Funding for women’s startups still lags
Women can raise capital, but it’s still a challenge. One healthcare startup founder offers advice.
Council Post: Women In Tech: Hang In There And Continue To Dream Big
Let’s use technology as our magic tool to change the world for the better, and let’s empower other women and minorities to do the same.

3 upcoming events for Women in Tech

  • Navigating the AI Careers of Tomorrow - March 25. Register here.
  • Women of Silicon Roundabout - Nov 1-2. Register here.
  • European Women in Technology - Nov 24-25. Register here.

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